Since 1979, Function Group has specialized in the delivery of telecommunications and technology solutions that make a difference. We are a highly diversified global enterprise with over 1,000 employees in 10 countries, all focused with a steadfast determination to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

“Our vision is to better connect the world through superior products and advanced innovation"

We are proud of our company heritage in telecommunications innovation.

Our manufacturing facility has a talented workforce of engineering specialists, designers, and developers with over 15 years in the industry. We pride ourselves as being a one-of-a-kind company that provides flexibility, customization, and professional services for our customers.

Our global Research & Development team possess strong understanding of current telecommunication technology and future market needs. Experts in their own fields, our engineers came together under a shared passion to discover the next generation of telecommunication products that will transform our ways of communication.

Through the years, our Electronic Manufacturing Services has allowed us to work with various businesses to bring forth products that have truly transformed the way how we connect with each other. Our EMS offers an integrative approach in joint-design, joint-development, manufacturing, assembling, and after-sales services.

We offer a complete product line of APs and CPEs under our brand Deliberant. We aim to provide reliable products at low cost for our clients to meet their needs and ensure they achieve profitable return on investments.

APC Propeller

Our brand LigoWave offers an extensive product line of point-to-point backhaul. Making use of industry-leading wireless technology, our products are developed with the carrier-grade customer in mind.

LigoPTP Unity

Our highly integrated, full outdoors WiMAX 16d base station is designed for high-density deployment situations.

Our WiMAX 16d CPE features high output power and antenna gain.

Our MESH AP features 3 radios and supports high-speed mobility capabilities, fast roaming, and smart load balancing.

Our Standard AP includes proprietary protocol that delivers performance of 100 Mbps even after 9 hops.

Our hotel access controller includes many features useful in hotel applications, all integrated with a user-friendly management system.

We offer a range of antenna types of different gains and specifications to meet our customers’ needs.

Our power-over-Ethernet adapters brings flexibility for installation and includes a range of product selections.

To meet demand for higher security in airports, parks, and other public areas, Function integrates top-of-the-line wireless surveillance technology to bring forth the next generation of wireless solution.

The need for high-speed connectivity grows increasingly in today’s world. Here at Function, we developed a means to provide high-speed Internet on board fast-moving vehicles so that you can, move faster.

The biggest challenges for many hospitality businesses are Internet installation, maintenance, and repairs. We provide an easy solution that offers high-speed connectivity at lower cost, simpler maintenance, higher security, and greater reliability.

Driving school is an important program the government sponsors to ensure public safety on the roads. The integrity of this program is very critical as putting bad drivers on the road can endanger the lives of others as well as the driver’s.

Function is the world’s largest manufacturer of payphones. Over the years, we have transformed traditional dingy phone booths into multimedia kiosks that are revolutionizing the way we function today.

With our expertise in the payphone sector, we understand how users interact with kiosks. Combined with our state-of-the-art wireless technology, we are bringing traditional kiosks to a whole new level of user interaction.

No more wandering around the streets looking for a 7-11 to recharge your telephone card. In close collaboration with local operators and agencies, our PoS Machines are available for quick and convenient top-ups for any refillable card anytime, anywhere.

Even with the rapid onset of new technology and ways to communicate, some things can never be replaced. In many countries where cellular phones may not be viable options for certain households, telephones are still essential in staying connected with friends and families.

Function’s unique terminal machines offer complete functionality that enables users to easily operate and pay the parking meters. Powered by dynamic software and an intuitive FUNCTION management system, these parking meters boasts a wide range of features for operators to use and manage.

Deliberant offers a complete line of dependable high-speed wireless equipment and accessories used by thousands of customers in over 100 countries. By combining industry leading quality with low-cost development and manufacturing techniques, Deliberant is able to provide WISPs with the proven technology and the expertise they need to stay ahead of the competition.

LigoWave was founded in 2007 as a manufacturer and developer of high performance, versatile wireless solutions for Wireless Internet Service Providers and Telecoms across the globe. Making use of industry-leading wireless technology, LigoWave products are developed with the carrier-grade customers in mind.

Deliberant releases its newest Propeller

The APC Propeller 2/5 is a new generation wireless device designed for client and small scale base station applications.              

New Generation CPE Device

The APC 2/5 Propeller is a new generation wireless device designed for client and small scale base station applications. It has a patent pending rotational mechanism to do mechanical antenna parameter shifting in order to achieve the best performance in different operation enviroments.

Deliberant announces its new indoor AP

The APC Button is a small, robust and high performance 2.4 GHz indoor access point designed for SOHO and small to medium size enterprise applications.

Introducing our newest, high-end PTP broadband solution:
Ligowave new PTP Unity

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Canton, GA 30115

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We have over 30 office locations in 10 countries.


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